Nursing Best Practice Research Centre

Advancing care through knowledge

Governance and Structure

The governance of the NBPRC includes the following components:

  • NBPRC Advisory Committee-The role of this committee is to provide advice to the NBPRC Steering Committee about strategic directions, research opportunities, and research dissemination.
  • NBPRC Steering Committee-The role of this committee is to provide overall direction for the NBPRC.
  • NBPRC Operations Committee-The role of this committee is to is to implement the NBPRC strategic plan and associated NBPRC activities.
  • NBPRC Membership Committee -The role of this committee is to ensure that the membership structures and processes are consistent with the strategic vision and enable an active membership for the achievement of NBPRC’s goals.
  • NBPRC Knowledge Exchange Committee-The role of this commettee is to disseminate outcomes related to the NBPRC strategic directions through communication strategies and knowledge exchange opportunities to NBPRC members and external groups.

The NBPRC is committed to membership appointment to engage researchers and other stakeholders to undertake research related to the implementation and outcomes of best practice guidelines and enable excellence in research and uptake.