Nursing Best Practice Research Centre

Advancing care through knowledge

Mission and Goals

Bringing the best knowledge to nursing and healthcare: Enhancing practice and improving health and system outcomes. The NBPRC is a unique collaboration between researchers and educators at the University of Ottawa and an active grassroots professional association, the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario. The centre brings “state of the art” nursing knowledge that is based on the best available evidence, and promotes collaboration and research exchange with policy-makers and civil society groups in Canada and around the world. The centre strives to have a positive impact on practice and outcomes for the patient/client, health care providers, organization, and system, and actively promotes the generation and uptake of the best available evidence to health care professionals, policy-makers, and students in all roles and sectors.
The five NBPRC strategic goals are:

  1. To examine clinical best practice guidelines as knowledge transfer strategies in diverse health care settings.
  2. To build the capacity of existing and future nurse leaders and nurse researchers to implement and evaluate best practice.
  3. To examine methods and measures for evaluating practice change that can be used by healthcare organizations and the healthcare system to monitor the impact of guideline implementation on nursing care and patient/client outcomes.
  4. To develop and refine approaches to synthesize research findings that can be translated into practice, educational and organizational recommendations for nursing.
  5. To enhance the uptake of evidence-based tools (e.g. patient/client education, protocols) for clinical practice by nurses and organizations.