Nursing Best Practice Research Centre

Advancing care through knowledge

Benefits of NBPRC Membership

Benefits of NBPRC membership will include:

  • Having access to an interactive network, work-in-progress sessions, and open-concept discussion forums for:
    • Linking with the RNAO, organizations and researchers evaluating the implementation of RNAO nursing best practice guidelines, and other initiatives
    • Obtaining peer feedback with knowledge brokering/transfer of members’ research, and other research-related activities or challenges
    • Discussing current research topics, ideas and perspectives; sharing; networking; future planning; intellectual exploration
  • Linking into existing dissemination channels, such as the NBPRC and RNAO websites, newsletters, conferences, and other publications.
  • Profiling appointed members on the NBPRC website
  • Invitation to participate in NBPRC activities, including but not limited to research projects, symposiums, retreats, strategic planning, etc.

Membership appointment will not include the provision of resources, such as funding or space, by the NBPRC.