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Grinspun, D., Melnyk B. M., & E. F-O. (In Press).  Advancing optimal care clinical practice guidelines. In B.M. Melynk & E. Fineout-Overholt . Evidence Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare. A Guide to Best Practice 2nd ed..
Woodend, A. K. (In Press).  Commentary on Primary prevention with pravastatin for 5 years continued to prevent coronary events in the next 10 years. Evidence Based Nursing..
Singh, M., Prescod C., & Radner J. (In Press).  A community of practice model for social inclusion: An evaluation. . International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations..
Grant, T., Andrews C., Edwards N., Sveistrup H., & Egan M. (In Press).  Creating walkable places: Neighbourhood and municipal level perspective on the socio-political process in Ottawa, Canada. . Journal of Urbanism.
Marck, P., Edwards N., Grinspun D., & Rowan M. (In Press).  A critical synthesis of research on complex adaptive systems across multiple disciplines: Re-examine the nature of health systems change.. Health Research Policy and System..
Tremblay, D., D'Amour D., Denis J. L., & Proulx M. (In Press).  The deployment of navigation functions in oncology: The case of nurses in Quebec.. Pratiques et Organisation des Soins..
Johnston, C., Durieux-Smith A., Fitzpatrick E., Benzies K., O'Connor A., & Angus D. (In Press).  The development and piloting for a decision aid for patients considering sequential bilateral cochlear implantation for their child with hearing loss. . Volta..
MacLean, L., Estable A., Meyer M., Kothari A., Edwards N., & Riley B. (In Press).  Drowsing over data: When less is more.. When Research Studies Go Off the Rails: Solutions and Prevention Strategies..
Bajnok, I., & Mackay G (In Press).  Enhancing Professional Competence and Confidence Through TeleProfessional Development. Journal for Nurses in Staff Development.
Bajnok, I., & Mackay G. (In Press).  Enhancing professional competence and confidence through teleprofessional development. Journal for Nurses in Staff Development..
Benjamin, K., Edwards N., Guitard P., Murray M. A., Caswell W., & Perrier M. J. (In Press).  Factors that influence physical activity in long-term care: Perspectives of residents, staff and significant others. Canadian Journal on Aging. 30(2), 
Andrew, J., & McCleary L. (In Press).  Implementing the RNAO Client Centred Care Best Practice Guideline in a community hospital: Process and impact.. Registered Nurses' Journal..
Tremblay, D., Diem E., Lang A., Edwards N., Speer B., & Montgomery P. (In Press).  Improved case management for elderly in a more coordinated system: A systematic review.. BMC Health Services Research.
Bajnok, I., Coker C., Denker A., & Ewers K. (In Press).  Innovative practice models for acute & critical Care: A collaborative model for implementing evidence-based nursing in a critical care Setting. Clinics of North America. .
Prentice, D., Taplay K., Horsley E., Payer-Grenier S., & Belford D. (In Press).  Interprofessional simulation: An effective training experience for health care professionals working in community hospitals.. Clinical Simulation in Nursing Journal..
Straus, S., O'Connor A., Brouwers M., & Stacey D. (In Press).  The knowledge to action cycle: Knowledge creation: Synthesis, tools and products. . Canadian Medical Association Journal. 182(2), 94-98.
Edwards, N. (In Press).  Letter to the editor in response to 'Falls in the elderly: what can be done?'. . International Nursing Review..
Webber, G., Edwards N., Graham I., Amaratunga C., Keane V., & Ros S. (In Press).  Life in the big city: The multiple vulnerabilities of migrant Cambodian garment factory workers to HIV. . Women's Studies International Forum..
Kirkpatrick, H., & Byrne C. (In Press).  A Narrative Inquiry of A Program Which Provides Permanent Housing with Supports to Homeless Individuals with Severe Mental Illness.. Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health.
Grinspun, D., & Beck D. M. (In Press).  "Nightingale and the Social Approach to Nursing Care". Reflections on "Expanding our Nightingale Horizons: Seven Recommendations for 21stCentury Nursing Practice". . Journal of Holistic Nursing.
Grinspun, D. (In Press).  “Nightingale and the social approach to nursing care.” Reflections on “Expanding our Nightingale horizons: Seven recommendations for 21 st century nursing practice.”. Journal of Holistic Nursing..
Vaismoradi, M., Salsali M., & Marck P. B. (In Press).  Nursing students’ perspectives regarding patient safety and the role of nursing education in developing their capabilities to provide safe care. International Nursing Review . 58(3), 
McCleary, L., Persaud M., Hum S., Pimlott N. J. G., Cohen C., S. K., et al. (In Press).  Pathways to dementia diagnosis among South Asian Canadians. The International Journal of Social Research and Practice..
Woodbury, G., McConnell H., Perrier L., & Sibbald R. G. (In Press).  A process for just-in-time wound care evidence. . Canadian Medical Association Journal..
Woodbury, G., McConnell H., Perrier L., & Sibbald R. G. (In Press).  A process for just-in-time wound care evidence.. Canadian Medical Association Journal..